Atlas Aveiro Spaces

Floor -1

Municipal Library Storage Area: Restricted access space, with Consultation Area (space dedicated to Archive users, with work and study/research area, where they can consult the requested documents).

Municipal Archive Deposit Area

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1st Floor

Service Area – Space where the user has the first contact with the library. You can request general information, register for a user card, borrow, return and renew documents.

Children and Youth Zone – Leisure and study/work space dedicated to children and young people aged 0 to 12.

Creative Learning Zone:

  • Internet Space: Capacity 8 people
  • Bebetéca: Capacity 10 people
  • Gaming area: Capacity 2 people

Cowork Zone: Two rooms with capacity for 8 people, where, upon reservation, the user can work, meet and study with greater privacy.

Leisure and Study Area: Capacity 18 people.

  • Bebéteca
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  • TechLabs
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  • Zona Infantojuvenil

2nd Floor

Auditorium: Space equipped with sound, projection and lighting equipment, with a capacity for 117 seats. It can host ATLAS Aveiro programme initiatives, but can also be assigned to external entities. It is a multipurpose space that allows the realisation of various activities such as exhibitions, colloquia, lectures, meetings, seminars, trainings. See here the conditions of use.

Cafeteria (Capacity 20 People): Space for use by ATLAS Aveiro users.

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3rd Floor

Reading Room: Capacity 54 people. A space dedicated to the adult public, with work, study and leisure areas, where BMA collections are freely accessible for in-person and home consultation.

Reading Room for periodicals: Capacity 4 people. Space for reading a wide range of local and national newspapers and magazines, both general and specialised.

Gallery – Space dedicated to the documentation of the Local Fund, available only for face-to-face consultation.

Creative Learning Area:

  • Multimedia space: Capacity 2 people
  • Internet Space: Capacity 5 people

Cowork Area: Capacity for 2 people: Individual soundproofed booths where the user can work and/or meet with greater privacy.

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  • Espaço multimédia_Piso 3
  • Galeria
  • Sala de leitura_Piso 3 (2)
  • Sala de leitura de publicações periódicas