Library spaces

1st Floor

  • Bebeteca – leisure and learning space dedicated to parents and babies with capacity for 10 seats..


  • Multimedia area – provides CD’s and DVD’s for loan or use in person.


  • Gaming Zone – space dedicated to board games, Playstation, Xbox, with a capacity of 2 seats.


  • Internet space – space consisting of computers, fixed and portable, in free access, with capacity for 8 seats.


  • TechLabs – experimentation space that allows users to contact a set of materials in the area of robotics, electronics and 3D printing.


3rd Floor

  • Multimedia area – provides CD’s and DVD’s for loan or use in person.


  • Gaming Zone – space dedicated to board games.


  • Internet space – provides free fixed and mobile computers where readers can access the internet and text and calculation programmes.


The Municipal Library of Aveiro

The new Aveiro Municipal Library was inaugurated on 10 July 2020, returning, after a requalification, to the Fernando Távora building, where it had previously operated. Located in the city centre of Aveiro, it was requalified by Bernardo Távora, son of the architect Fernando Távora, who designed a space to simultaneously accommodate 434 users of different profiles and in different activities. It is organically integrated into the Culture and Tourism Division of the Municipality of Aveiro, fulfilling its mission as a Public Reading Library, facilitating access to documentation and information in the most varied media.

In this library can be consulted about 57000 works, including books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, games, etc., divided by reading rooms, gallery and storerooms.

The library is open to the public, allowing users to consult all the documents in the reading rooms.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday | 10h00 – 18h30
Saturday | 10h00 – 13h00

Services And Information Municipal Library

Home loans are available to all users upon registration with the RBMA. This is done at the Service Desk, and gives you access to all the services provided by RBMA.

If you are not yet registered, you can pre-register here.

Requirements for home loan

To be registered in the Aveiro Municipal Library Network and have an active user card.

Number of documents eligible for home loan

6 books per 30 days

6 newspapers or magazines for 30 days

9 documents of non-book material (CDs, DVDs or games) for 7 days


Renewal can be carried out 1 time, for equal periods. If you need to renew documents, you can do so in person at the entrance desk or online (here), using the access PIN. Renewal is not possible if there are reservations on the documents.

Failure to comply with return deadlines

If the return is not made within the stipulated deadlines, a suspension of one day is applied for each day of delay, up to a maximum of one month.


Reservations can be made through the online catalogue (here), using the access PIN. You can then consult the catalogue, make the reservation and identify the pick-up location.

You can consult the RBMA catalogue and obtain information about documents and their location. If you are registered, you can also access the online services for reserving and renewing documents, as well as the Selective Dissemination of Information service, which allows you to receive news from the Library via your e-mail. See the catalogue here.

This service provides free full digital access to thousands of national and international newspapers and magazines. These publications can be read on your PC, mobile phone or tablet using the library login as a means of access. If you are not yet registered with the BMA, you can pre-register here.

Research and support service provided by the BMA in selecting, evaluating and accessing bibliographic resources.

The reproduction of documents belonging to the BMA is possible through dedicated equipment, in strict compliance with the Code of Copyright and Related Rights in force.

The BMA offers a number of resources and spaces that can be used for school, professional or recreational purposes.

The BMA manages and provides technical collaboration to the libraries that are part of the RBMA, with a special focus on School Libraries, improving management, making public access to the documentary resources of the Municipality of Aveiro more profitable. Consult the Catalogue here.

  • The Itinerant Municipal Library / Municipal Information Station is an itinerant service of the BMA that travels through all the Parishes of the Municipality, making available books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and also providing support to Citizens through the Municipal Information Station.

Check the route, stops and timetables here.

  • “I leave the bookshelf and come to you in an instant”, a cultural outreach and proximity programme, which includes door-to-door delivery of loans, book and reading promotion actions through the Library’s YouTube channel and the Radio Soberania… programme, promotion of local history and identity with the provision of thematic podcasts, and cultural promotion actions, bringing artistic creations to the population most excluded from cultural enjoyment.

Find out more here.

    • Events

The Municipal Library develops a programme of activities dedicated to the community, namely talks with authors, book launches, lectures, performing arts shows, book and reading animation sessions, exhibitions, among many others. See our agenda here.

Registration for the user card can be done in person at the service desk or through pre-registration, available here.


Each user is responsible for the loan movements made with his/her card. You must inform the Library in case of change of address, telephone or email, as well as in case of loss or misplacement of the card.


The personal data collected will be processed and stored by computer. The information provided will be treated confidentially and used exclusively within the scope of public interest functions in user management. Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, the data collected will be kept as long as the card remains active.

The BMA offers an interlibrary loan service and can request documents belonging to other libraries for the use and benefit of its users.

WiFi is available throughout the building. With your personal computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can access the ATLAS Aveiro wireless network for free.